Linea Fantasy

Line Fantasy

Fantasy from its original meaning, “Fantasia”, gives the fully represents the wide and large range of high quality products that the consumer has at his disposal: toilet paper, upon kitchen roll, from napkins to handkerchiefs up to the bobbins for domestic use. Fantasy is well reflected in the variety of its packaging always up-to-date thanks to constant re-designing of the brand. Smooth papers, micro - embossed and “goffra-incolla” with the typical “Flower” relief both white and colored for the toilet paper with 2, 3, 4 and even 5-plies, with various fragrances; more absorbency with special cushion system for kitchen roll; white and colored paper napkins for 1, 2 and 3 plies with prints up to four colors and various types of handkerchiefs. Innovation in this range is represented by the line “Cotton Sense “, “Super soft” and “Perfumed” which has as its flagship the toilet “Premium 5 plies 6 rolls”.

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Linea Vet

Line Vet

Versatile, excellent, transparent! Here are some of the adjectives suitable to present a versatile product in its wide range, excellent in quality and transparent in the packaging to show the embossing and prints. A brand introduced in all distribution channels thanks to its excellent value quality – price.

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Linea Pròtege

Line Pròtege

What better name to define the new sanitary towel of Fantasy line: Protege! Super slim in form and structure, super absorbent in the result, it is suitable for any type of flow with its unique embroidery filter that holds even the most intense, staying dry and clean surface. The perfect grip to slip provides maximum comfort and safe hygiene. Ana-allergenic and structured with wings non-deformable and shaped to allow maximum freedom in every movement. Its portfolio that ranges from the anatomical day, the anatomic day and night with wings, enclosed in hygiene and practices bags, leaving a wide selection for every need.

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Linea Bimbo Mio

Line Bimbo Mio

With soft tissue, resistant and anti-allergic, which allows a proper transpiration of the skin, the strong elastic at the back and the repositionable adhesive system of open-closed, the “new” Bimbo Mio has a great fit and comfort. No more leaks! The immediate absorbency and the barrier will keep your baby clean and dry. Available in four sizes, accompany your child during his growth. A unisex product that will make the health of your child safer than ever now!

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Linea WOW!

Line WOW!

WHY WOW! "Wow" is born, the new line of stop-crisis paper, spread, GNP and ratings proof! Futura Line, launches a new line of products that can guarantee savings without compromising on quality, offering "GOOD WITH JUST A LITTLE"! "WoW!" turn out to be the perfect solution for your business, in contrast with the market, where each commodity is increasing. A lot more quantity and quality at an unbeatable price, in a very complete line: - Scented Toilet Paper 4 rolls - Toilet paper 6 rolls - Kitchen Towels 2 rolls - Single-ply napkins - Two-ply napkins - Bobbins PRODUCT PLUS Same quality, plus quantity to the very best price!

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